Born firmly believe that community is one of the most critical components of our journey. Working with countless community leaders, organizations, and institutions, with the goal of creating a healthier and sustainable community in mind. We strongly believe in giving back to the community by having participation in the community. BornJuice emphasizes on enlightening youth in the community about innovative agricultural technology, food justice. We also believe working with local businesses to flourish in communion.


The larger vision for Born Juice is to impact lives locally and globally by creating a model of sustainability, where the local community is taken into account, as is the planet and climate change. Implementing a zero-carbon-footprint, zero-waste, hyper-local food, grown with hydroponic technology, urban farming and hiring locally… we aim to transform the relationship humans have with themselves and the planet.

Life Style
At Born Juice we like to say that we aren’t just a juice bar. We are not just your typical graffiti, hip hop, urban-based bar. We’re more than that. Besides improving the health outcomes of our community, we also aim to have full engagement in it. Born always has the X in its heart, constantly supporting local businesses and artists that are fundamental to the growth and prosperity of our borough. Our goal is to stay culturally connected and develop relationships through our food growing initiatives in the Hood. Food is essentially the connecting factor, allowing us to promote awareness and create a discourse about various social issues.
Influenced and inspired by the community of South Bronx and living in the borough the Born project aims to close the gap of health disparities in our hoods. At Born Juice, we are inspired to not only bring health justice to The Bronx, but to all communities in the African Diaspora in need around the world. We want to foment all-around wellness, focusing on physical health, mental health, social health, and environmental health to all of our community members.

We create initiatives around food to create change and develop solutions that empower and create truly sustainable change. Food is a source of connectivity for humanity, however, the relationship to food in our communities has been broken, detaching the population with needed nutrition to sustain themselves and thrive. Born Juice is here to change that!

The Bronx has repeatedly held the lowest rank, among its 62 neighboring counties in NYS, for being the unhealthiest. As a food desert, and a place where food apartheid has been the system of the norm, people have limited access to affordable nutritious food. It is for this reason that we at born constantly stress the idea of wellbeing. At Born Juice, we incorporate agricultural technology in the form of hydroponic gardens to grow the food that will later be utilized for our cold-pressed juices and plant-based /vegan dishes. Hydroponics is a subset of hydroculture, which is a method of growing plants without soil by using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. By using new farming methods, we hope to educate our communities about the urban farming-the practice of cultivating, preparing and dispersing sustenance in or around urban areas.